Cambodia e-Visa FAQ

Cambodia is a fantastic destination for international travellers. Before planning your trip, it’s essential to confirm whether you qualify for a visa because any person entering the country requires a permit.

The only exempt nationalities are Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam, and Singapore.

General Questions

What is a Cambodia e-Visa?

A Cambodia e-Visa is a travel document that requires pre-approval. It’s sent via email or obtained online and allows residents from approved countries to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes. 

Is Cambodia e-Visa Legit?

The Cambodia e-Visa is legit, as the approval comes directly from the Cambodian immigration authorities and the government. It serves the same purpose as a regular visa, but it’s easier to obtain. 

How Can I Apply for an e-Visa to Cambodia?

You can complete the application online. After filling the application form and making the payment online, the approved e-Visa goes to your email address. 

How Long Does It Take to Apply Online for an E-visa to Cambodia?

The application form only requires essential travel and personal information, so it should take a few minutes. The online payment process takes minutes, can is possible using any device. 

Can I Get an E-visa on Arrival in Cambodia?

If you’re a citizen from an eligible country, you can get an e-Visa on arrival. However, it’s essential to note that the immigration authorities don’t guarantee the e-Visa at the time you’d like to visit. It’s best to fill out the online application before travelling. 

How Will I Get the Cambodia e-Visa?

When your e-Visa gets approval, it comes as a PDF file to the same email address you used in your application form. You can print the document, as the immigration officials need visual evidence. 

Do Children Require an e-Visa for Cambodia?

In Cambodia, it’s a requirement that all visitors from eligible countries should have a valid entry permit to cross the border, including children. The parent or guardian of the child is responsible for the e-Visa application. 

Do I Need a Visa to Go on Holiday to Cambodia?

Yes, all travellers entering Cambodia must have a visa. If you come from a European country or the UK, you’ll need a Cambodian visa for your holiday.

What Visa Type Do I Need for a Holiday in Cambodia?

For a stay less than 30 days, you’ll need to apply for an e-Visa online, which you’ll receive via email. For a stay exceeding 30 days, you’ll need to apply for a visa through the Cambodian embassy in London. If you fail to qualify for the e-Visa, you’ll also need to apply through the embassy. 

I Received My Visa. Is There Anything Else I Need to Do?

Yes, you’ll need to print two copies; one copy to present when entering and the other when leaving Cambodia. It’s also helpful when confirming whether the details on the visa match your passport. 

Will Covid-19 Affect My Travel Plans?

Although the Cambodian government reopened the borders on 15 November 2021, there are some COVID-19 measures put in place for international visitors. For updated information, you can visit this page.

Questions about the Application

When Should I Submit My Visa Application?

You can submit your visa application any time, but it’s best to do so at least one week before departure. Regardless of your submission date, your visa application is only processed 30 days before arrival. 

Is It Possible to Submit a Group Visa Application?

You don’t have to submit a group application, although it’s an excellent idea. Every traveller needs a valid Cambodia visa, which will save you from repetition since most of the information is similar. 

What Information and Documents Do I Require?

Every visa application should include a clear digital passport photo and a scan of the passport’s information page that has the picture. Besides some contact information, you also need to know which airport or border crossing you’ll use and approximately when. 

How Will I Submit My Passport Scan or Photo?

After completing the visa payment, there’s a page to upload a passport photo and passport scan. Most file formats and sizes are acceptable, and you can use the upload tool to adjust and crop the picture. 

What Specifications Do My Passport Scan and Passport Photo Need to Meet?

The passport scan should be clear, legible, and include the entire information page. The photo should be in colour, in a well-lit background, and you should not have any non-religious headgear, hair covering your face or appear to be laughing. 

As long as it meets these conditions, the photo doesn’t have to be from a professional.

What Does the Visa for Cambodia Cost?

A Cambodia visa costs EUR 99 per individual, without additional costs regardless of the payment method. The listed expenses include all possible costs such as VAT, consular costs, service costs, and application costs.

Do I Need to Visit the Consulate or the Cambodian Embassy at All?

No, if you qualify for the visa and your online application was successful, there’s no need to visit the consulate or embassy of Cambodia. 

Do I Need to Have Booked a Hotel or Flight Before Applying for the Visa?

No, you don’t need specific accommodation or flight details for the visa application process. 

I’m Not Sure about My Arrival Date in Cambodia; Is That an Issue?

As long as you leave within the 90 days or 30 days allowed by the visa, you don’t need to indicate a specific departure date on your visa application. 

Questions about the Visa

What Is the Validity Term of the Cambodia Visa?

The Cambodia visa has a 90-day validity period, but you can only stay in the country continuously for not more than 30 days. 

What Does My Passport Need to Meet?

The validity period on your passport should not be less than six months from when you arrive in Cambodia. 

If I Replace the Old Passport With a New One, Do I Need to Apply for a New Visa?

Yes, because your passport number links directly to your visa. If the passport number you’re using to travel differs from the one you used to get the visa, you need a new visa.

Cancelling or Changing an Application

Can I Change My Arrival Date?

Yes, the visa only specifies the validity term, so it doesn’t matter which day you arrive, as long as it’s within that period. Keep in mind that you can only stay in Cambodia for a maximum of 30 days. 

I Made an Error in the Application Form; What Happens Now?

Once the application form submission goes through, it’s impossible to make any changes. Any errors can result in rejection, or the visa could get invalidated. 

If rejected, it’s possible to apply for a new one, but you’ll have to pay the visa fees again. In some cases, the visa can get approval but becomes invalid due to errors in the information, such as an incorrect passport number. Since the pass must link to a valid passport number, authorities can deny you entry on arrival.

It’s best to apply for a new visa if you notice any errors or incorrect information, even if the pass you get looks valid. 

Can I Change or Cancel My Application?

The moment your application gets processed, it’s impossible to cancel it, which often happens within 5 minutes of payment confirmation. If the application is for a date later than 30 days, it will remain pending until 30 days to your departure. In this case, you can cancel or change the application within 30 days.