Cambodia E-Visa Requirements

Cambodia is in the south East Asia mainland. It has remarkable plain land and incredible rivers, between overland and river trade routes that link China to India and Southeast Asia. The country boasts a mixture of numerous cultures from Asia, France, and the United States.

Cambodia’s climate consists of monsoon winds, which describe two primary seasons. May to October have powerful, prevalent winds of the southwest monsoon, accompanying high humidity and heavy rainfall. On the other hand, November to March experience light and dry winds of the northeast monsoon with low humidity and cloudiness. 

If you intend to visit the country, it helps to familiarize yourself with these weather conditions. But before you think of travelling, here is a summary guide for Cambodia E-Visa requirements.

The Cambodia e-Visa is a relatively new addition to the visa schema for foreigners planning to visit the country. If you’re looking to book a trip to Cambodia, especially those living in neighbouring countries, the e-Visa should be the first piece of information you find. 

So before you travel to Cambodia, it is essential to follow the country’s visa requirements. However, it’s a known fact that some nationalities can’t use this option ​​and should instead buy a visa on arrival. Before taking off for your exotic holiday, it is advisable to check if you require a visa or not.

For most visitors, you can only travel to Cambodia if you have a mandatory Cambodia visa obtained online at the cost of about € 59 per person. Online application is swift, only taking less than five minutes to fill the application form. Then use your Visa, PayPal, or master card, to make your payments. After that, you will receive your Cambodian Visa after a few days. However, for urgent reasons and proper procedures, you can access it within twenty-four hours.

Essential Information for Cambodia Online Visa

The Cambodia e-Visa came into being because of the remarkable collaboration between the ministry of foreign affairs and the Kingdom of Cambodia global cooperation. It allows the tourist and businessperson to stay up to thirty days within the country while exploring its unique landscape, tourist sites, and business opportunities. 

If you plan to travel to Cambodia for work or educational purposes, you must contact the nearest Cambodian embassy for assistance as you plan your extended stay in Cambodia.

What Are The Requirements For Cambodia E-Visa?

Before submitting your application, you must meet these Cambodian e-Visa documents requirements:

  • Valid passport for more than six months from any Cambodian Visa permitted country
  • The passport must have a blank page for your entrance and exit stamps
  • A passport photograph that meets your Cambodia minimum requirements
  • A debit or a credit card to pay your tourist or business visa fee

Remember that every person must own a passport, including your children.

Process of Applying For Cambodian Visa

Upon receiving your application the, relevant officers go through it, and then forward it to the immigration department for processing. 

If the application has a mistake or is incomplete, an officer from the immigration office will contact you and inform you to fix the errors, and as a result, you will waste more time. Therefore, ensure that your application is error-free and contains truthful information for a faster and smooth application process.

Requirements for Cambodia Business Visa Application

If you are heading to Cambodia for a business trip, you must provide the actual signed passport. Its validity is for six months and having a blank visa page is essential. 

Additionally, you must provide a passport photograph, which must be clear and taken against an all-white background. A business cover letter is another vital document that you must provide. 

Remember to carry with you and show a travel agreement proof for the duration of your trip, including an e-ticket that indicates your trip travel. You must also provide evidence of your health insurance coverage of at least $ 50,000.

Merits of the Cambodian E-Visa

When applying for the Cambodian e-visa, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • The process is always available on the internet
  • You don’t have to make the registrations
  • You will perform revisions and corrections before applying to the Cambodian Government.
  • You will have your privacy as no one else can access your application
  • You will access  your Cambodian e-visa from the comfort of your home without much struggle
  • You will always have the recovery email in case your Cambodian e-visa dissipates
  • You will get the service refund after the refusal of your Cambodian e-visa

Frequently Asked Questions about E Visas for Cambodia

When Can I Apply For The Cambodia Visa?

Applying for a Cambodian e-visa is a simple process, and you can make the application at any time of your desire. Upon successful approval of your visa application, you can easily gain access to Cambodia.

What Happens If My Passport Expires Earlier?

If your passport expires within six months of your arrival, you need to apply for a new visa. If it is urgent, you can use the urgency procedures. Luckily, numerous passport offices offer that. After receiving your new passport, you must then submit your visa application. This is because you have to fill in your passport number in the Cambodia visa application form.

Can I Enter Cambodia For Business Using A Tourist Visa?

No, every type of Visa serves its purpose only. A tourist visa is for visiting the country, while a business visa is for business purposes.

Can I Change or Cancel my Application?

Yes, upon acknowledging your Visa, it indicates its valid term. However, it is advisable to visit and leave Cambodia within the validity term, since you can’t stay there for more than thirty days.

If I Don’t Have A Visa Anymore, Can You Get Your Money Back?

No, after processing your visa application, it indicates service delivery. Therefore, you can’t get a refund or cancel.

Can You Submit A Group Application?

Yes, however, travellers must have their own valid Cambodia visa. Group application saves time since you fill in the information only once. While submitting the group application for the Cambodia visa, you can click the button marked “add traveller” underneath the online application form.

Where Can I Obtain Further Information on Cambodia E-Visa

To obtain further Cambodia e-Visa, you can visit the Cambodia government website

Merits of Choosing the Cambodia E-Visa

  1. You save on time since you don’t visit the embassy
  2. The entire process is safe, well planned, and fast
  3. You don’t have to worry about travel times and late check-ins as long as the flight departure time is more than 72 hours

Cambodia has a significant number of vaccinated people. The war against the Coronavirus is not yet over; however, the infection rate has reduced for the past two months. As a tourist or a businessperson, you are welcome in Cambodia. However, you need to take vaccination fourteen days or earlier before you travel. 

If you wish to visit Cambodia for a holiday, get a coronavirus test and insurance before your departure. You will get instructions on effectively applying for the insurance online while making your application. 

The cost is around $ 90 for 20 days of insurance or $ 120 for 30 days. The insurance covers coronavirus testing in Cambodia and your hospitalization if you have infections. For ore information, do not hesitate to acquire your Cambodia visa here today as you plan your next tour.