Djibouti visa

At the horn of Africa is Djibouti, a country that speaks French and Arabic. Though it is a small country, it has many beautiful sites better seen in person. On the list are beautiful landscapes such as volcanoes, sinking plains, salt lakes, gorgeous plateaus, and many more sites. Snorkelling with sharks, diving, and hiking will make your visit even more memorable. 

Read on to know how to apply for a Djibouti Visa.


Requirement type Mandatory for UK citizens


Purpose of travel Tourism, business, or transit


Valid 90 days from issue; 31 days from date of arrival (for tourism and business)

Three days for the transit visa

Extendable for up to 90 days from date of arrival

Entry/exit Single entry


Processing time Normal application; 9 business days

Rush application; 7 business days

Super rush application; 6 business days


Cost  Depends on the stay period and mode of processing


Application method Online
Payment method Credit card, Debit card, or PayPal


What is the Djibouti Visa?

The Djibouti e-Visa is a travel authorisation. It allows a holder to enter and stay in the Republic of Djibouti for a specific time. With e-Visa, you don’t have to apply for a traditional paper visa, you just need the e-visa to come into the country. Upon successful application, the applicant receives an email. 

You will need to submit a copy of your passport and recent photos during the application process. Additionally, you may need other documents depending on the type of Visa you need. 

The Djibouti electronic visa allows a single entry for up to 31 days for tourism or business. Travellers passing through Djibouti to a third destination can also get a transit e-Visa to spend up to 3 days in the country between flights. 

The Dibouti e-visas are usable for one-time. The only entry point for visa holders is Ambouli International Airport. If a visitor wants to leave and return later, they will need to reapply for a new e-Visa.

Foreigners who wish to stay in Djibouti for a long time to study or do paid work cannot do so with an e-Visa. In these cases, the individual needs to consult a Djiboutian embassy or consulate.

Types of Djibouti Visas

  1. Tourist Visa – allows a foreign national to visit Djibouti for tourism purposes. It allows for at most a stay of 30 days.
  2. Family Visa – a traveller gets a family visa to visit their family and friends in Djibouti. Allows a stay of 30 days.
  3. Business Visa – a foreign national gets a business visa to do business in Djibouti. It allows for a stay period of 30 days with the option to extend.
  4. Transit Visa – foreign national gets a transit visa to pass through Djibouti to another destination. It is valid for three days.

If your travel plans do not include tourism, business, or transit, you can apply for a work visa or a student visa through Djiboutian embassies and consulates. Unfortunately, the UK does not have a Djiboutian embassy. However, you can contact the French Embassy in London for further inquiries.

Requirements for the Djibouti Visa

The following documents are a requirement for the Djibouti visa application; 

  • A scanned passport with a validity of at least six months
  • At least an empty page on the passport 
  • Accommodation booking or invitation from a Kenyan organisation or individual 
  • Recent passport photograph
  • An invitation letter from the host or organisation in Djibouti
  • Flight (or other modes of transport) reservations
  • Address of accommodation in Djibouti; it may be a hotel or a host you will be staying with
  • A return ticket 
  • A recent passport photo

Remember to enter a current email address when filling in the online application. This is because the Immigration Office sends the approved Djibouti e-Visa to your email account.

According to Djibouti’s visa policy, travellers must print a copy of the e-Visa and present it together with their passport through Djiboutian border controls.

How Long Does the Djibouti Visa Last? 

There are two different types of tourist visas for foreign travellers. The first type allows you a maximum stay of 14 days per entry in Djibouti. However, If your trip is to take longer, you can get an extended Visa that allows a stay of 15 to a maximum of 90 days per entry.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Djibouti Visa? 

The time for processing depends on the urgency of the application as follows;

  • Standard Processing – You receive your Visa within 9 Business Days 
  • Rush Processing – You receive your Visa within 7 Business Days
  • Super Rush Processing – You receive your Visa within 6 Business Days

How Much Does the Djibouti Visa Cost? 

The charges of the Visa depend on the length of stay:

  • For a stay of 1-14 days: £8.60
  • For a stay of 15-90 days: £16.54
  • Additionally, the service fee would vary according to processing times as follows:
  • Standard processing: £14.40
  • Rush processing: £28.77
  • Super Rush Processing: £43.16

Extra Tips

  • Visa applications may take weeks to process. Apply for a Djibouti visa early enough before the date of travel. You should have proof of your onward journey.
  • Ensure that you fill in the Djibouti online application form before you submit it. Otherwise, the migration office might reject your application. In case it gets rejected, the visa charges are non-refundable.
  • The Djibouti e-Visa application requires many documents attached. The documents include itinerary, identification documents, work permits, among others. It is essential to gather these documents as PDF, JPG, or MSWord files for easy upload and submission.
  • Flights originating from South Africa, India, or Brazil will not enter Djibouti. This is due to the increasing COVID-19 variants.
  • There is mandatory COVID-19 testing at all the entry points in Djibouti. All travellers above 11 years must go through the testing process. In case you test positive, you will quarantine in a government-designated facility. You get discharged on testing negative—the charges of testing and quarantine are on the traveller.
  • Whether you arrive by air, land, or sea, you must provide a PCR test Certificate from your country. Take the test within 72 hours before departing and 120 hours of arrival in Djibouti.
  • UK Emergency Travel Documents are acceptable for entry, transit, and exit from Djibouti.
  • Foreigners should have comprehensive travel and medical insurance cover. In the event of emergencies or illness, the insurance covers the cost of treatment, and repatriation.
  • There is no British Embassy in Djibouti, and consular support is very limited. During emergencies, please contact the British Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Yellow Fever vaccine certificate.  Especially for foreigners from a country with a high risk of yellow fever transmission.
  • The e-Visa does not guarantee entry to Djibouti. An approved e-Visa is just a landing authorisation to the airport. Then the country’s customs authorities allow a visitor entry after checking upon arrival.

Get Your Djibouti Visa Today 

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