Egypt Visa FAQ

When you think of Egypt, your first thought would probably be about the pyramids and the desert. But guess what? There’s so much more to this place than just these. In fact, there’re many more that’ll undoubtedly charm you such as oases, thriving cultures, mountains and old cities. The most common places to visit are;

  • The ancient temples and tombs
  • World-class coral reefs along the Red Sea and snorkelling for divers
  • Sinai Mountains, an excellent camel trip destination.
  • 4WD adventures in the deserts
  • Sandy beaches along the Red Sea coast and Sinai

Egypt welcomes tourists to explore its many historical landmarks, relax on its beaches, and experience the beauty of its colourful culture. Best of all, it’s easy to get there, if your travel documents are in order. Below are typical Visa-related questions and answers that can help you to get started. 

What Is A Visa For Egypt?

An Egypt visa is an official travel document issued by Egyptian immigration, and it permits foreigners into Egypt. Whether arriving by ship or flight, all foreigners, including children, need a visa.

Before, Egypt had a physical paper visa in the form of a sticker. If you wanted to travel to Egypt, you had to travel to the Egyptian embassy in person. Now, the simpleste way to enter the country is by getting an e-visa.

So far, a total of 46 states worldwide can apply for an Egyptian visa. Click here to check if you come from a qualifying country.

How Can I Apply For An Egypt Visa?

To travel to Egypt, complete the online visa application form. Follow the following steps to complete the application form;

  1. Fill in your biodata on the online form
  2. Make payments for your visa
  3. Submit a current email address where you will get your visa once approved

Once the immigration approves your visa, you’ll receive it via email. Print it out and have it with your passport when travelling to Egypt.

Ensure that the passport you carry matches the details you submitted when applying. If you replace your pass before you arrive in Egypt, your visa becomes invalid. You will have to apply for a new visa using your current passport.

The Egyptian government issues visa on arrival for visitors from the eligible states. However, you may find long queues on arrival to clear with the customs and immigration.

What Visa Type Do I Need For A Holiday In Egypt?

If you travel to Egypt for not more than 30 days to be with family and friends, use the e-tourist visa.

If you want to travel for reasons other than a holiday or family visit, which exceed 30 days, make an appointment with the Egyptian embassy. There, you’ll have a physical visa applied to your passport. Otherwise, use the digital platform for your visa applications.

There are two types of tourist visas for travellers arriving in Egypt. They are namely;

  • Single-Entry Tourist Visa

The single-entry visa permits one-time access into Egypt for tourism reasons only. Once you visit the country, the visa becomes invalid for a second trip, and you must apply for another pass.

This visa type allows tourists to stay in Egypt for 30 days.

  • Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

A multiple-entry tourist visa allows unlimited entry through the certified points of entry.

The visa allows foreigners to stay in Egypt for 30 cumulative days within the validity time.

What Are The Requirements For An Egypt Visa?

Are you planning a holiday trip to Egypt for less than 30 days? You almost always have the requirements needed. But, confirm if you meet all the requirements first.

Passport Requirements

Your passport should be valid for more than eight months from your arrival date in Egypt. 

Have a standard passport, not an emergency passport or residence permit.

Visa Requirements

To apply for an Egypt visa, you need;

  • Passport photograph
  • A scanned copy of the information page of your passport
  • An itinerary; your arrival and departure dates to Egypt
  • For holiday purposes, your tour operator information and residence address
  • An invitation letter, if you go to see family and friends

When Can I Submit My Visa Application?

You can submit your online visa applications any time and day of the week. But it should be at least a week before your arrival date in Egypt.

Let’s say you plan to arrive in Egypt in more than a month to come; you can apply as soon as now. The immigration will put your application on hold until 30 days before your arrival. It will then process your visa at that particular time.

How Long Can I Wait To Get My Visa?

The standard processing time is 2-7 days, from the day you apply, submit and make payments.

For How Long Is The Egypt Visa Valid?

The Egypt visa is valid for three months from your visa approval date. Failure to use your pass within this time renders it invalid as it expires. 

Regardless of the visa you need, you can only stay for at most 30 consecutive days per trip.

Can I Change My Itinerary?

No, it is impossible to make any changes after your visa gets approved. However, if your accommodation details change, there is no need to apply for a new visa. You can check the hotel you want other than the one you filled in the visa application.

Once the authority approves your visa, you can see the validity duration. If you stick by validity timings, you can travel on whichever date you wish.

I Made A Mistake In The Application Form; What Do I Do?

Say you copied an incorrect passport number or gave a wrong answer; your visa application may become invalid or rejected. If Egyptian immigration rejects your application, you will have to apply for a new visa. You shall have to pay for the new visa again.

Your visa may also get approved but rendered invalid due to incorrect information. For example, say you copied a wrong passport number; the authority may fail to check this and grant you the visa. Unfortunately, the officials won’t let you in when you get to Egypt as they cannot link your visa to your passport number. So, you will have to submit a new visa application.

I Don’t Need The Egypt Visa Anymore; Can I Get A Refund?

No, you cannot. Once the Egyptian authority processes your visa, it means the service you requested has been delivered. So, you cannot annul the process or get your money back.

Can I Make Group Visa Applications?

Do you intend to travel as a group? You must apply for the whole team in one application form through a group application.

However, you should know that Egyptian immigration processes individual applications. Not as a group but per individual, even if you applied as a group. So once in a while, there can be disparities in approval times of the team members.

Extra Information Regarding the Pandemic

  • Tourists with negative Covid-19 test results or vaccination certificates can travel to Egypt. You must show proof of the test or vaccination certificate having a QR code.
  • Fully vaccinated tourists do not have to do a Covid-19 test before departing.
  • Travellers aged above six can travel to Egypt without full vaccination. However, they must show a negative PCR test on arrival.
  • Some airports permit entry without a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate. However, you must take the test on arrival at the airport. Note that there may be long queues, and you may have to quarantine until you get the results. To check the airports that permit testing on arrival, click here.
  • When you arrive in Egypt, you must complete a health declaration that you have no virus symptoms. You must also show that you have medical insurance.
  • Wearing a mask in public areas is mandatory.