Egypt Visa Requirements

Egypt is strategically located in the northeastern part of Africa. Its Capital city is Cairo, which has a mixture of Arabic and Islamic people. Egypt lies in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea on the north and the Red Sea on the east.

Egypt has an extensive history. Its preliminary advancement, including writing, farming, urbanization, religion, and governance, is impressive. The evocative monument like Giza Necropolis is also significant to scientific studies, and attracts interest worldwide. 

If you plan for your next holiday to Africa, consider Egypt as your next destination, and you will experience many incredible things. However, to visit Egypt, a visa is one of the vital requirements you must have. 

Below is a guide that elaborates on getting an Egyptian Visa.

Egypt Visa Clarification

Egypt visa is the legal official travel document that allows you to visit the country for a specific period. If you plan to visit Egypt with your kids, you must obtain a visa for every one of them.

Requirements and Validity of the Egypt Visa

You must fulfil specific requirements so that you can obtain an Egypt visa. The most vital ones are:

  • As a traveller, you must have your passport to apply for the e-visa. It must have a blank page.
  • Upon your arrival to Egypt, you must provide the invitation letter to visit a friend or family.
  • Once you arrive, a request to provide the itinerary containing your flight booking and the overnight stays is essential.
  • If you are travelling as a group for tourism purposes, submitting the group application together is essential.
  • You must provide two coloured passports of high quality resolution.
  • When you are departing to Egypt for commercial reasons, you must avail two copies of commercial motivation letters. 
  • You must also produce a visa central order form.
  • Proof of travel arrangement is another critical document that you must provide. It includes two copies of the itinerary, which shows your entry and departure dates and your full names.
  • If you are coming from an area with a yellow fever risk, you must provide a yellow fever vaccination certificate. This document undergoes verification upon your arrival in Egypt.

Validity for the Egypt Visa

Your Egypt tourist visa is usually valid for 90 days. It allows you to stay in Egypt for at most thirty continuous days. If you opt for a multiple entry visa, you can have extensive trips to Egypt for the entire validity term of 90 days. 

Note that each stay lasts only for 30 days at the minimum. It is possible to alternate your travel plans at any time, even after acknowledging your Visa. However, your arrival and departure time must be within the validity term of 90 days.

Process of Applying For the Egypt Visa

You can submit your application whenever free, including the weekends, via the Egypt embassy website. Applying for a Visa is a simple process that only takes five minutes to fill in the application form. Then you pay online using your Visa, Master Card, American Express, or PayPal. 

It will cost you £44.95 for a single entry visa. For the multiple entries, it cost £79.90. After that, your Egypt visa will be available via your email, which takes around five working days when it is urgent. However, it takes longer than that if it is not critical.

When Can You Apply For Your Egypt Visa?

It is essential to apply for your Egypt Visa immediately after booking your flight. However, note that it becomes active for 30 days upon filling on the application form. Furthermore, its validity period kicks off immediately from the moment of acknowledgement.

Applying For the Egypt Visa amidst the Pandemic

Egypt tourist sites and tourist-related activities are now operating, and the government is readily issuing Visas. The Egypt online platform of Visa application is quite effective. However, you must meet the entire Egypt visa requirements before applying as a foreigner. 

The e-Visa application process is not complex, and it only requires your personal and passport and travel details. You will also pay the Visa fees effectively on the same online platform. However, if you are not considered for an Egyptian visa, you can contact the Egyptian embassy. 

Ensure that you wear a mask every time you are out in public in Egypt.

Egypt Travel Cutback amidst the Pandemic

Tourism activities are slowly taking resurfacing in Egypt, and flights are equally becoming regular. However, Egypt always keeps an eye on numerous COVID-19 travelling restrictions. As a foreigner intending to visit Egypt, you must meet all the COVID-19 requirements, including testing negative for COVID-19. 

If you have the vaccination certificate, which shows a complete vaccination for 14 days before travelling to Egypt, you can forgo the COVID test. Should you go for the test, you will have to stay in your hotel room for up to twenty-four hours to await the results. If the outcome for the test is Covid-19 positive, you must self-isolate for 14 days.

FAQS of the Egypt Visa

  1. What Type Of Visa Do I Require For My Egypt Holiday?

If you want to stay in Egypt for less than 30 days, use the electronic Visa. You will manage to apply for it online via the government e-visa website. However, if you plan on staying in Egypt for over 30 days, then make an appointment with the Egyptian embassy and get a physical visa to your passport.

  1. After Receiving My Visa, What Else Do I Need To Do?

You must print the Visa and have it on you for your next trip to Egypt. It is always essential to keep the Visa together with the passport in your hand luggage while on a journey to Egypt. Additionally, you must also provide other crucial documents. So, ensure that you are up to date with the recent travel advice in Egypt.

  1. If I Apply For The Visa And Don’t Receive The Email, What Do I Need To Do?

Immediately after completing your visa application payments, you will receive a confirmation message through your email, which contains a link to your status, and shows you when to contact the immigration service in case of any challenge. 

However, if it doesn’t appear in your inbox, first, go through the spam or junk folder in your email. If the email doesn’t arrive completely even after giving it sometime, contact the Embassy for clarity.

  1. Will COVID- 19 Affect My Egypt Travel Plans?

You can now visit Egypt amidst the pandemic. However, it helps to observe the Egypt Coronavirus rules in place.

  1. Do I Need To Visit The Embassy Of Egypt For My Visa?

If you plan to visit Egypt for holiday that will take less than thirty days, you don’t have to visit the Egypt embassy. You can apply for your Visa through the immigration website. However, visiting the Egyptian embassy is essential when you intend to stay there for more than 30 days.

  1. Can I Manage To Change The Dates Of My Travel?

After applying for a Visa, it is impossible to make changes. However, there is no need to use a new visa upon changing your residence. Once you get the approval of your Egyptian Visa application, you be able to see its validity terms.