Gabon visa

Gabon has a fantastic nature with diverse wildlife. Over 80% of the country has tropical forests and 13 national parks. Witnessing and photographing animals in their habitat is a reason to visit Gabon.

Continue reading this article to know how to apply for the Gabon visa.


Requirement type Mandatory for UK citizens
Purpose of travel Tourism, transit, and business
Validity period Three months for single entry e-visa

Six months for multiple entry online visas

Entry or exit Single or multiple depending on the type of Visa
Processing time It depends on the urgency of application;

Standard: 7 business days

Urgent: 6 business days

Very urgent: 4 business days

Cost Single entry for up to 3 months is £85

Multiple entries up to 6 months are £200 

Method of application Online
Method of payment Credit card, Debit card PayPal or Pay U

What Is the Gabon Visa? 

The Gabon e-Visa is an online visa that facilitates entry to Gabon for foreign nationals arriving by air. The e-visa may be a business visa or tourist visa or a visa to transit through Gabon. It is a mandatory requirement for all travellers coming to Gabon. You will have to submit a copy of your passport and recent photos during the application process. You may have to submit other documents depending on the type of Visa you need. 

All foreigners who need a Gabon visa can use the Gabon online visa application to get an entry permit. The permit can be for tourism, business, or transit purposes. If you want to stay longer in the country, you can extend your Visa. Contact the nearest Gabon Embassy or consulate for further directions. The e-visa for Gabon is only valid for entry by air at Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville.

Types of Gabon Visa

There are two types of Gabon e-visa that each applicant can choose. They are as follows:

  1. Single-entry permit: that allows a single entrance to Gabon. Each traveller has at most 90 days, i.e., three months, for the Visa to expire.
  2. Multiple-entry permit: that enables many entries and exits in Gabon. It is valid within for 6-months (180 days)

Both online visa types allow travel for tourism, business, and transit purposes.

For tourism purposes, there is the tourist e-visa. With tourist e-visa, a traveller can visit their friends and family and go on a holiday escape.

Business people can apply for a business e-visa. It allows a visitor to attend business meetings and handle business affairs.

The transit e-visa allows travellers a short stopover in Gabon on their way to another destination outside the country. 

This guide focuses on the single entry, multiple journeys, and transit visas in Gabon. 

Requirements for the Gabon Visa

The general requirements for the Gabon e-visa are as follows: 

  • A scanned passport valid for at least six months 
  • At least one blank page of the passport
  • A digital image of the passport information page
  • A recent colour passport photo
  • A current email address

Besides the above-named requirements, you may also need:

  1. Proof accommodation and travel arrangements
  2. A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate
  3. A business introduction letter and an invitation letter, depending on your trip details.
  4. Proof of enough funds in the bank to sustain you during your stay

Application process:

Step 1: Select the e-Visa of your choice, i.e., single entry or multiple entries.

Step 2: Fill in the application with matching details from your passport

Step 3: Attach all the required documents.

Step 4: Submit your application

Who Needs a Gabon Visa? 

The Gabon visa policy states that all foreign citizens arriving in the country by air need a visa. There is an exemption for some countries. The entry point to the country is through Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville.

The visa-exempt countries include;

a) Cameroon, 

b) the Central African Republic, 

d)Republic of Congo, e) Chad, f) Equatorial Guinea, g) Mauritius, h) Morocco, and g) Tunisia.

British nationals visiting Gabon can apply for both e-visas and regular visas. To get a regular visa, the traveller must apply via the Gabon embassy.

Minors may not need a visa. Yet, the person travelling with them must submit;

  1. A consent letter from both parents allowing the minor to visit Gabon
  2. A certificate of registration from the school or college.
  3. Passport photocopy of the parents.
  4. Birth certificate of the minor.

How Long Does the Gabon Visa Last? 

Gabon electronic visas are valid for a different time depending on the type of entry:

Single-entry e-Visas: are valid for at most three months from the date of issue.

Multiple-entry permit: it is valid for six months starting from the date of arrival in Gabon. This e-Visa type allows for unlimited visits to the country.

How Long It Takes to Get a Gabon Visa 

The processing time of a Gabon visa depends on how urgent the applicant needs it. Normal visa processing takes about seven business days. Urgent visa processing requires six business days. The very urgent application will process in 4 business days.

It is essential to note that an e-visa takes 72 hours (3 business days) to process. An applicant is not allowed to travel before receiving an electronic authorisation receipt. To avoid inconveniences like this, apply for an e-visa early enough.

How Much Does the Gabon Visa cost?

You can pay for your Gabon e-visa through a Debit card, Credit card, Pay U, and PayPal. The charges for each Visa will depend on the type of entry and urgency of processing.

Single entry up to 90 days; costs 85 EUROS

Multiple entries up to 180 days; costs 200 EUROS

NOTE: A foreign national will incur extra costs for urgent application requests. It is vital to keep that in mind.

Extra Tips 

  • Before applying for the Gabon Visa, you will have to book flights and accommodation. You may also need identification documents, itinerary, work permits, business permits, and invitation letters. Collect these documents as JPG or PDF for easy upload and presentation.
  • Apply for the Gabon visa as soon as you start planning for your trip to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Ensure that you complete your Gabon e-visa application before submission. Otherwise, the immigration office can reject your application. You also risk losing the non-refundable visa fee. 
  • Stay updated on the British government directives about travel to Gabon
  • You must bring along a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • All passengers arriving in Gabon must have a negative COVID-19 test Certificate. They should take it within three days before departure. Children under six years don’t have to do the test.
  • All arriving passengers are subject to another PCR test at their own expense. They must quarantine for 48 hours while awaiting the COVID-19 test results.
  • If the COVID-19 test is negative, passengers get a test certificate valid for seven days. If the results are positive, the passenger must self-isolate. They are to receive treatment at their own expense.
  • All COVID-19 test done in Gabon replaces any other previous tests
  • All UK nationals must get permission from the Gabonese Ministry of Foreign Affairs before travelling to Gabon.
  • UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are not valid for entry into Gabon. But airside transit and exit allow the use of ETDsfrom Gabon.

Get Your Visa Today 

It would help if you had a visa to visit Gabon. For full information on the visa application, visit the website of the Gabonese Embassy in the UK. The application process is fast and straightforward. Travel to Gabon and experience true beauty and diversity