How much does an ESTA cost?

Applying for an ESTA travel authorization costs 49 GBP per applicant. You can pay the application fee with either your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. The price includes all transaction fees and a full refund is the unlikely case of a rejection.

What is the price of an ESTA?

The price of an ESTA application is 49 GBP, and is inclusive of the following: the authorization and processing charges, which are collected by the government for each successful application; the service charge for the expert review and processing of your application; and the transaction fees for your card payment. This fee is the same regardless of which card network you use, and is denominated in British pounds, which ensures that the applicant is not impacted by changes in the exchange rates.

You can only pay for your ESTA online

Due to the fact that the ESTA system is completely digitized, it is only possible to pay for your application online. But it is nonetheless still a very convenient and safe process, since you are able to pay with your credit card of choice through a secure and encrypted payment terminal.

Full refund in case of a rejected application

It is fairly rare that ESTA applications are rejected, especially since our experts carefully review each application prior to submission, but it can nonetheless happen on occasion. In this case, we will provide you a full refund of all the charges and fees (i.e. the full 49 GBP).

Our service charge includes 24/7 real-time processing

Part of the service fee we charge goes to cover our 24/7 and real-time application processing. Many other service providers only offer processing within 1 or 2 days, or even a week, as a baseline. On the other hand, when you apply through our service, your application is processed immediately by our experts, regardless of the time of day. This means that if you are in a rush, and provided that your application does not require any additional information or background check, you may receive a response within as little time as an hour.

We ensure the fast and simple application process

We ensure that you get the simplest and fastest application process, with both the most thorough and quick processing and review possible. We can thus help make your vacation planning a little less stressful by making sure that your application for an ESTA authorization gets submitted correctly, and that you receive your response as fast as possible. And in the very unlikely case that your application should be rejected, we of course offer you a full refund immediately. Furthermore, we also offer all of our customers expert advice regarding their application, without any additional fees. Simply contact our friendly and helpful application experts through our customer support email address.