How Our Services Work

At E-VISA.DK, we assist thousands of travelers with obtaining their travel permits in
the most timely and trustworthy manner possible. Here you can read about how we
deliver our service to you.

User-friendly Application Form

From the onset of the application process, we provide you with our user-friendly
application form, wherein we have made every step of the process as simple and
intuitive as possible. We have also made sure to include detailed explanations of
every question, so that you know the exact meaning of everything that is being

We Store Your Data in an Encrypted Database

Once you have successfully completed the application form, we will collect our
service fee, together with any consular costs, through our encrypted payment
platform. Once your payment has been processed, your application data will be
stored inside our encrypted database while we process your application.

Comprehensive Review by Our Expert Team

Once your application has reached our systems, our team of industry experts will
begin their comprehensive review of your application, to ensure that every part of it
has been filled out correctly. Once your application has been reviewed, we will
submit it to the relevant authorities.

24/7 Support in your local language

During the course of the processing of your application, we provide you with 24/7
support by our team of multilingual travel experts. If you have any questions
about your application, or anything else related to your trip, just contact us through
our live chat or email address.

Quick and Convenient Delivery of Your Travel Permit

Once your travel permit has been issued, we will send it to you as a PDF at the
email address you provided in the initial application form. Thus, it is important you
provide your correct email address, without any typos. If you do not hear back from
us within a reasonable time frame, please double-check the spam filter in your
email client.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We offer all our customers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with any
aspect of our service, or if your application was rejected for whatever reason, we
offer you a full refund of our service fee. Consular costs cannot always be refunded
– this will depend on whether the issuing authority agrees to this step or not.