Kenya Visa Requirements

Anyone can travel to Kenya using the Kenya visa, or eVisa, for tourism, business, or medical purposes. If you meet the key Kenya visa requirements, you can easily apply online eVisa. 

Find out about the Kenya visa requirements below. 

  • Kenya offers single entry, multiple entries, and transit visas
  • Kenya visa processing is an online process on the e-Citizen platform for most travellers worldwide
  • Ensure that you book your flight and overnight accommodation before applying for the Kenya visa
  • Confirm your port of entry as you plan your visit to Kenya

What Are The Types Of Kenya Visas? 

There are two main types of Kenya visas: 

  1. The eVisa 
  2. Referred visa

Note that the Kenya Directorate of Immigration Services issues the referred permit. 

You can only apply for and receive the Kenya eVisa online. It is the ideal visa for tourists and business travellers visiting Kenya. This is the perfect option for travellers who need a multiple entry visa or hold passports from specific nations listed below.

The Kenya eVisa also has two types based on the validity period. 

  • One is a single entry visa valid for one month, and 
  • The other is a single entry visa valid for three months. 

Multiple entry Kenya visas also offer two validity periods. One multiple entry visas is valid for one year, while the other is valid for five years. 

Note that the price of your Kenya visa depends on the validity period, such that a more extended stay visa will cost more than a short-stay visa. 

Finally, the Kenya transit visa is ideal for a brief country tour as you travel to other destinations. The Kenya transit visa allows a stay of 3 days or less. 

What Are The Kenya Visa Requirements? 

No matter the type of visa you choose, there are essential Kenya visa requirements for every traveller. These requirements apply to your;

  • Passport
  • Itinerary
  • Online application
  • Passport photos
  • Ports of entry, and 
  • Arrival in Kenya 
  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Your Passport 


Check that your passport meets these requirements before you apply for the Kenya visa:

  • Valid passport with at least six months validity remaining 
  • At least two blank pages in your passport 

Note that only a passport is the acceptable travel document for the Kenya visa. You cannot apply using a residence permit or pass, even if valid. 

  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Your Passport Photo 

You will need a passport size photo to apply for the Kenya visa. The photo requirements are:

  • A clear colour photograph on a white background 
  • 5.5cm by 5.5cm, or 207×207 px
  • Recent image taken less than six months ago 
  • The image must show your natural skin tone with the right brightness and contrast 
  • Applicant must look directly at the camera
  • No headgear except on religious grounds; the eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, and forehead must be open
  • You must tuck your hair behind your ears to show the unmistakable shape of your face
  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Your Itinerary 

Before you apply for your Kenya visa, you will need an itinerary in order. This means that your Kenya visa application requires: 

  • Your flight tickets, which includes your onward ticket for a Kenya transit visa
  • An invitation letter from your family or business event, or
  • Your booked accommodation address for at least 24 hours upon arrival 

While these requirements may seem like a major commitment, note that most Kenya visa applications get approved. Provide these itinerary details to reduce your chances of Kenya visa rejection. 

  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Application Time

On average, the Kenya visa gets approval within eight working days. However, some Kenya eVisa applications are granted within 48 hours, usually for tourists and brief business trips. Kenya multiple entry visas are typically granted within 14 working days. 

That said; always apply for your Kenya visa as early as possible because the processing time is not guaranteed. The Kenya Directorate of Immigration Services may take more time to assess your visa application, depending on your nationality. 

  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Online E-Visa Application 

The online application process for the Kenya visa takes only a few minutes. Upload the following details to the Kenya e-Citizen platform:

  • A clear scan of your passport front cover and information pages
  • A digital photo as described above
  • Proof of accommodation, such as hotel reservations under your name. 
  • If any, details of minors under 16 years old who are travelling with you

Note that the Kenya visa processing fee is not refundable and an incomplete application will not get the desired approval. Verify all the application details before submitting the online visa form. 

Also, note that your approved Kenya visa will not go directly to the email address used in your registration process. You will receive an email notification instead, which allows you to download or print your Kenya visa from the e-citizen account. 

  1. Kenya Visa Requirements for Ports Of Entry 

Visitors must present a valid Kenya visa to enter the country by air, land or sea. Note these ports of entry as you plan your Kenya itinerary:

Kenya Airports:

Eldoret Kisumu Malindi  Wilson Airport 
Garissa Lamu (or Manda Airport)  Moi Airport (Mombasa)  Isiolo
Jomo Kenyatta (JKIA)  Lokichogio Wajir

Kenya Sea and Lake Ports:

Kilindini Lamu Malindi Old Port (Mombasa) 
Kisumu Pier Ngomeni Mbita Point Shimoni
Kiunga Kilifi Muhuru Bay Vanga

Kenya Land Borders (from Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda) 

Busia Muhuru Bay Namanga Lungalunga 
Malaba Isebania Loitoktok Suam
Lwakhakha Sand River Gate Taveta Nadapal
Mandera Liboi Kiunga Moyale
  1. Kenya Visa Requirements on Arrival 

Visa-on-Arrival is not available in Kenya. You must have your e-visa approved before traveling to Kenya, and you must print it out before

For easy passage when you arrive in Kenya, make sure you bring the following documents to present to the immigration authorities:

  • Your valid passport 
  • Your printed Kenya eVisa
  • Copies of your flight bookings, meaning transit and return tickets for your entire trip
  • A copy of your accommodation booking for your first overnight stay in Kenya 
  • A negative Covid-19 PCR test taken 72 hours before arrival 

Keep these documents in your hand luggage as you travel to Kenya. 

What Are The Kenya Visa-Free Travel Requirements? 

The Kenya visa requirements apply for most travellers worldwide, but certain visitors don’t need a Kenya visa. These are: 

Barbados  Belize Botswana  Brunei Burundi 
Cyprus Dominica  Fiji Ghana  Grenada
Jamaica Kiribati  Lesotho  Malawi  Malaysia
Mauritius  Namibia Nauru Papua New Guinea  Rwanda
Samoa Seychelles  Sierra Leone  Singapore  Solomon Islands 
South Africa  St. Vincent and the Grenadines St. Kitts and Nevis St.Lucia Swaziland (Eswatini) 
Tanzania The Bahamas  Trinidad and Tobago  Tonga Tuvalu
Uganda  Vanuatu  Zambia Zimbabwe 

In addition, you don’t need a Kenya visa if:

  • You’re under 16 years old and travelling with parents or legal guardians
  • You’re in transit and will not leave the port of entry 
  • You already have a valid Kenya re-entry pass 
  • You hold a valid diplomatic passport Laissez-Passer for various organisations on official business only, including the UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, and others. 

Travellers from all other countries will require a Visa to visit Kenya. Note that passport holders of the following countries require a referred visa: 

Afghanistan  Armenia  Azerbaijan  North Korea 
Iraq Kosovo Lebanon Libya
Palestine Somalia  Syria Tajikistan 

This means that your application will move to the Kenya Directorate of Immigration Services for approval. Processing for referred visas takes longer since the Kenya immigration authorities consider each application on a case by case basis.