Madagascar visa

Madagascar is an island in the great Indian Ocean, to the southeastern shore of the African continent. It is an island of many plants and animals found in no other place in the world. Also, the island is famous for its whispering palm trees, the tasty varieties of seafood, and the white sandy beaches.

If your itinerary involves seeking distinct history, culture, and nature, Madagascar is the place. However, to visit this beautiful island, you must have a visa. Read on to familiarise yourself with the application process for Madagascar Visa.


Type of requirement Compulsory for UK citizens
Purpose of travel Tourism
Validity A 30-day visa is valid for 30 days per entry

A 60-day visa is valid for 60 days per entry

A 90-day visa is valid for 90 days per entry

Processing time Normal- seven days

Urgent- four days

Entry or exit Only one entry
Cost  30-day visa= 35 Euros

60-day visa= 40 Euros

90-day visa= 50 Euros

Method of application  Online

In advance from Embassy or consulate

Method of payment Credit card, Debit card, PayPal, Alipay and WeChat

About Madagascar Visa

The Madagascar e-Visa is a travel document available electronically in PDF format. From November 2017, the government introduced the use of tourist e-visa for non-immigrants. The e-visa currently supports the tourist visa only with a single entry for each trip. The application process is simple and of low cost.

All foreign nationals worldwide except Palestine are eligible for the e- Visa or a visa on arrival. The e-visa allows a stay of thirty, sixty, or ninety days, depending on the applicant’s choice. Therefore, it is advisable to apply and submit an application as early as six months before travelling.

Tourists don’t need to take their passports to the Embassy. They can apply online by filling an application form detailing;

1) Contact information

2) Travel plans

3) Passport details

Also, it is possible to get your “visa on arrival,” but in very few circumstances. The requirements for getting a visa on arrival vary. Travel restrictions, in this case, are also different from the electronic visa process. Malagasy Immigration Officials have the right to bar you from entering the country. 

Types of the Madagascar Visa

The Madagascar e-visa is only available for tourists. However, with a Tourist e-visa, a tourist has the chance to visit almost all the beautiful islands. 

Requirements for the Madagascar Visa

Applying for the Madagascar e-visa requires the below documents;

  1. A scanned valid passport copy. The passport must be of at least six months validity.
  2. At least two blank pages of the information page of the Visa, for stamping.
  3. A coloured passport photo taken recently, on a white background.
  4. A copy of your itinerary. It includes flight tickets (return or onward) and travel preparations within the country.
  5. Proof of reservations made, i.e., hotels or where you will be staying during the visit
  6. A current email address to send the visa information.
  7. A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. This rule applies to travellers from countries with a high risk of transmission. 

How Long Does Madagascar Visa Last?

The Madagascar e-visa is a one-time entry with varying periods of stays in the country. The validity period depends on the applicants’ selection during the application process. You can either choose 30, 60, or 90 days. Visitors must ensure that they arrive in Madagascar during this time frame. Otherwise, if the time elapses, they may have to apply again.

Tourist e-visas are non-extendable. Overstaying in the country can lead to detention and eviction. Therefore, if you wish to stay for a longer period, you will have to apply for another visa. 

Madagascar does not offer multiple entry Visas. Therefore, many trips to the country need an application for Multiple Landing Authorisations.

What Is the Approval Period for Madagascar Visa?

The Immigration Office of Madagascar has no guarantees on the delivery time of your Visa. But the visa delivery time is often dependent on the urgency of the application made.

  • For a 30 day stay period

Standard Visa – It requires seven days to process the application.

Urgent Visa – Requires up to four days to process the application.

  • For a 60 day stay period

Standard Visa – Requires seven days to process the application

Urgent Visa – Takes a maximum of four days to process the application

Even with Urgent applications, delivery time is still not guaranteed. Some visa agencies promise a delivery less than the days indicated above. But each agency depends on the Madagascar government to process the information of the applicant. 

What Financial Costs Should I Consider? 

Madagascar visa charges vary depending on the length of stay per person;

  • A 30-day stay is 35 Euros
  • A 60-day stay is 40 Euros
  • A 90-day stay is 50 Euros

You can make payments through Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat without any transaction costs.

Diplomats and International Organisations’ representatives get exemption from paying the above Visa fees.

Mauritian citizens enjoy a free visa for a 30-day stay.

How To Apply for A Madagascar Tourist E-Visa Online

  • Visit the Immigration services Websites. Click the “e-services.” Select the e-visa application form. 
  • Complete the form with your personal information. Make sure they match the details on your current passport.
  • Upload and attach the necessary documents as required.
  • An email with a User Identification Number that tracks the application online.
  • Make payments by entering your bank card number or the convenient means for you and submit the application.
  • On receiving the electronic Visa, download and print it. You can as well have the digital e-visa as PDF as a backup.

Extra Tips

  • Collect all the necessary documents you will need for your trip. Then, save them on your phone or any device as PDF for easy retrieval and presentation when required. 
  • It is vital to apply for the Madagascar Visa as soon as you start planning for your trip. Make early applications to avoid unnecessary costs during rush processing.
  • Due to COVID-19, a visitor must take a COVID-19 test within three days of travel. They must provide a negative COVID-19 certificate to this effect.
  • On arrival to Madagascar, you may need to quarantine for a period of 8 days. Then, another COVID-19 test takes place at the airport (Ivato International Airport). If the test is positive, you have to quarantine for more than 14 days while receiving treatment. 
  • The UK Emergency Travel Documents gives access to the airside, entry, and exit from the country.
  • Persons travelling with a minor with a Visa will not need an approval letter from the parent. Though a guardian leaving the country with a minor must have an authorisation from the parent.
  • Mauritian citizens have an opportunity to visit Madagascar on a free visa for 30 days. 

Get Your Madagascar Visa Today 

Madagascar is a common destination that is worth a visit. From its rich culture to its majestic wildlife, Madagascar is a place that will inspire you from the moment you land. A Madagascar Visa is the essential document for travel to Madagascar. Get yours right here today and enjoy Madagascar’s diverse culture.