Oman visa

On the edge of the Arabian Peninsula lies the Sultanate of Oman. It has incredible mountain ranges, desert landscapes, and warm beaches throughout the year. It is a beautiful place for tourists and those who wish to study, work or do business. To visit Oman, you must apply for Visa.


Single entry Stay of max. Ten days amounts to £44.95

Stay of max. 30 days amounts to £84.95

Multiple entries Stay of max. Thirty days per trip, within one year of issue.

Costs to £154.95

Normal procession An average approval of 7 days
Urgent procession An average approval of 4 days
Application method Only online
Method of payment Master Card, VISA, Pay pal or American Express

An Overview of Oman Visa

The Oman e-visa is a travel authorisation generated electronically. The Royal Oman Police issues the Visa. Travellers with passports issued by a European country must have a visa. E-visa is a digital PDF document sent to an applicant via email after approval. 

On arrival in Oman, you must show a printed copy of the Visa and passport. The information contained on both the passport and Visa must match. It would be best if you travelled with the passport that you used to fill the application form.

The visa application procedure changed utterly. And has since become impossible to get a “visa on arrival.” In replacement, apply for a new e-visa before departure. Send an online request at the comfort of your home, which only takes a few minutes to complete. Fill in basic personal and passport information.

Types Of Oman Visa

There are three main types, issued within a month. Note that failure to observe the validity period is punishable by paying a fine of 10OMR daily. You also risk permanent exclusion from the country.

  • Single entry visa of up to 10 days

Oman no longer offers this type, such as Belgium or France. Instead, their nationals can travel to Oman and get a visa exemption of up to 14 days on arrival.

  • The single entry visa is valid for a stay of up to 30 days

Travellers who wish to stay longer in Oman to explore the desert and lively cities get this

  • Multiple entries for a year

It is a rarely issued type of Visa. It allows for as many stays of 30 days, over a year from the date of issue.

Other types of Visas include;

  • Tourist visa

The authority issues a tourist Visa to a person who wishes to visit Oman. Identification of their details takes place. They can stay for a maximum period of thirty days in Oman.

  • Employment visa

A foreign citizen sponsored by a resident of Oman receives this Visa for employment purposes. The employee should be at least twenty-one years of age.

  • Family joining & Family Residence Visa

The wife and children (of 21 years and below) of a foreigner living in Oman can have this Visa. The validity period is for two years. 

  • Student Resident visa

It is for students arriving in Oman for study. It allows a student to stay for 2-3 years in Oman from the date of entry.

  • Investor Residence Visa

A foreigner who wishes to invest their funds in Oman gets this Visa. They have to stay for six months in the country.

  • Express Visa

A foreigner coming into the country for business or convention receives this type. It is the sole responsibility of an Oman resident to invite the foreigner. It allows for a three weeks stay.

  • Friend, Relative Visa

A foreigner under the sponsorship of an Omani citizen gets this type of Visa.

  • Official visit visa

At the request of a hosting government organisation, a foreign national receives an official visit Visa.

  • Artist visa

A local Omani resident sponsors an artist. The government issues it if the artist performs in Entertainment shows.

  • Truck driver visa

A truck driver and his assistant (one person) get this Visa for road passage in and out of the country.

  • Scientific research visa

A competent scientific researcher receives this Visa on request. It is valid for three months.

Oman Visa Requirements

The general requirements for the Omani Visa are;

  • A scanned copy of the UK passport of at least six months validity
  • Copy of information page of the passport
  • A recent digital passport must be no more than 512 KB in size
  • Itinerary with the applicant’s name and confirmation number on it
  • A UK national will need a copy of a valid visa or residence permit
  • Birth certificate for minors
  • Proof of accommodation with the applicant’s name on it

NOTE: Your passport should not have any Israeli stamp on arrival.

Cost Of Processing Oman Visa

 An Oman tourist visa is dependent on the number of trips per Visa and the maximum length of stay in each trip.

The single entry variant costs £44.95 for ten days, while the single entry variant costs £84.95 for 30 days.

 Multiple entry variant costs £154.95. These charges include all consular costs, service costs, and taxes. You can pay without transaction costs through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

Delivery Time

The standard delivery time of the Visa is an average of one week, regardless of the chosen variant. For urgent applications, the delivery time is an average of 4 days.  A surcharge of £17.50 per person applies for urgent applications. There is no guarantee to deliver within the stipulated time because of random background checks.

Procedure For Application

First, your purpose for a visit should be clear. Apply for an Oman visa online before departure, and it only takes a few minutes to process. 

Apply here through the following steps;

  • Open the application form.
  • Fill in your contact and travel information
  • Pay for the charges
  • Upload all relevant documents required and then submit

Once you provide all the information and documents, your application is then processed. 

Cancellation of Visa

Employers who want to cancel visas for exiting employees must take the following steps;

  1. Airline Check-in

Proceed to the airline check-in desk for the check-in process

  1. Visa Cancellation Process

After check-in, proceed to the visa cancellation office. Let the Visa Officer process the cancellation process.  The officials then direct you to the departures area.

  1. Payment of fines of expired Visa

Passengers leaving the country with expired visas have first to pay all payment fines.

Reasons why Visa gets rejected

    • A person with a criminal record.
    • A person who was 
    • denied entrance into the country before
    • Missing documents

Extra Tips

  • Persons with a valid residence card for a Gulf Cooperation Council can obtain an Oman online visa. It is valid a single entry of stay up to 28 consecutive days. 
  • Passengers travelling for employment, business, or visiting family in Oman get their Visa through a sponsor. The sponsor must deposit the Visa 24 hours before the arrival of the passenger. The Visa Deposit counter keeps the Visa awaiting the passenger.
  • The government can reject a visa for;

 1) persons with a criminal record

 2) missing documents

 3) persons denied entry into the country previously

  • All travellers need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival in the country. 
  • All travellers, except those of GCC nationals, must also have health insurance cover. It should cover the cost of treatment of COVID-19 for a month.
  • Expect body temperature checks on departure. Any symptom of coronavirus may prevent you from leaving the country.
  • If you plan to travel from the UK with medication, carry a copy of the prescription. Some of the drugs are not allowed in Oman.

Get Your Visa Today

Oman is not only celebrated for its cultural charm. It is also for its history and archaeological gems and its friendly people. It is necessary to get an e-visa for short stays and tourism purposes. Get your e-visa here today and explore Oman.