Russia visa

Russia spreads over two continents (Asia and Europe) and borders over ten countries. This strategic location makes it a country that is rich in tradition and history. Over 100 ethnic groups live in Russia, and the result is diverse customs, traditions, fascinating culture, architecture, and art. The onion domes and distinctive facades also make Russian architectural designs prominent. 

Fancy travelling to Russia? Read on to understand how to apply for the Russia Visa.


Requirement type Mandatory for UK citizens


Purpose of travel Tourism, family visits, business, or humanitarian reasons


Validity period It depends on the type of visa selected, e.g., a tourist visa is valid for 30 days.
Entry/exit Single entry or multiple depending on the visa type


Processing time Standard processing: within 4 to 20 days

Urgent processing: in 3 days


Cost  Single entry; approximately 100 to 150 Euros

Multiple entries; about 150 to 200 Euros


Application method Online or by post to the Russian Embassy
Method of payment Credit card or Debit card for online applications.

Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Postal Orders 

About Russia Visa

The Russian visa is a travel document that permits travel to different regions in Russia, with limited access time. You can choose to apply by post, which takes a lot of time and resources or, apply online for the electronic visa.

All foreigners need a valid visa to enter the Russian Federation. The visa includes;

  1. The number of entries permitted.
  2. The allowed stay period.
  3. The foreigner’s personal information. 

The visa also shows the entry and exit dates you must adhere to or otherwise risk deportation.

The Russian e-visa is mandatory for travellers to arrive at the three entry points by land, sea, or air. These points of entry are;

  • St Petersburg
  • Kaliningrad
  • Russia Far East

You should thus confirm your entry point before applying for the visa. Additionally, you have to submit a copy of your passport and other documents if required. 

Types of Russia Visa

  • The Tourist Visa

It is the most common type with a stay of at most 30 days. Under a tourist visa, you get only two entries into Russia. Under a tourist visa, a visitor can explore the country. You can also get a special tourist visa that will help you to attend events in the country.

  • The Business Visa

This visa permits a visitor to attend to official or private business matters. It allows for two entries valid for up to 90 days.

  • The Transit Visa

This type of visa allows travellers to stop over Russia en route to another destination. 

  • Multiple entries Visa

As the name suggests, it offers an unlimited number of entries into Russia. It is valid for one year. 

  • The Private Visa

A private visa is for personal reasons. It is valid for 30 days.

  • The Humanitarian Visa

It is valid for one year. It allows unlimited entries to Russia for charity purposes.

  • The Work Visa

The Russian Embassy issues a work visa to foreigners employed in the country. It is valid according to the time shown in the employment contract.

  • The Student Visa

A foreigner who wishes to study in Russia obtains a valid student visa up to the time the course ends. 

Requirements for the Russia Visa

The general requirements for a Russia Visa are;

  1. A valid passport of at least six months validity.
  2. A blank page of the passport.
  3. A coloured passport photo. You should take the picture on a white background. The image should be as recent as within six months before travelling.
  4. An email address to send the e-visa.


Additional documents such as hotel reservations or tourist invitation letters are not necessary.

On approval, you will get a copy of the visa in your email. Download and save on your phone, and also print a copy. You can use this copy as a means of transport to Russia.

To enter Russia, you must present the e-visa copy to the officials at the border territories. A foreign national must also exit the country via the checkpoints they used when coming in.

Who Needs a Russian Visa?

All travellers from the UK to Russia need a visa. A citizen of Russia with a Russian passport can enter Russia on this passport whether you have a visa or not. People who left Russia earlier than 1992 must use the passports of their current citizenship to enter Russia. 

Minors (under 14 years) can travel to Russia without a visa if their names are in their passport. During the application process, you need to provide details of the child. 

If a parent or guardian holds a Russian passport, then the child must have a Russian passport. Besides, they can apply for a private visa since a tourist visa is not available.

How Long Does the Russia Visa Last? 

A Russian visa may be a single-entry or multiple entries type. In each case, the validity period is different. 

  • A single-entry visa, used mainly by tourists, allows eight days stay, and it is valid for 30 days. A private visa is also valid for 30 days.
  • A humanitarian visa and multiple entry visa are valid is valid for one year.
  • A tourist visa with a period of stay (8 days) begins in the middle of the night of crossing the checkpoint.

How Long It Takes to Get a Russia Visa? 

Both single and multiple entries take approximately 4-20 days to process an application. An urgent application will take at most three days to complete.

How Much Does the Russia Visa Cost? 

A single-entry visa costs between 100 to 150 Euros for UK nationals. The multiple entry visa costs approximately 150 to 200 Euros per person. The cost varies with standard and urgent processions. Mail applications and delivery have extra costs.

You can pay for those charges using a credit or debit card, Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Postal Orders.

Extra Tips

  • Collect all the documents you may need for your trip. Save them on your phone or tablet as PDF, JPG, or MS Files for easy retrieval and presentation.
  • Visa cost varies with visa, citizenship, and urgency of application. Familiarise yourself with all these to know what to expect to pay for the visa.
  • Russia allows foreign citizens a free-visa trip for particular purposes such as Olympics.
  • You may have to provide biometric data during application for the Russian visa.
  • Drug prescriptions differ from country to country. You can travel with your personal medication to Russia. Drugs having substances such as narcotics must have a prescription attached to them. The prescription must show their name, details in the Russian language, and notarise.
  • Confirm COVID-19 requirements for the airline you use and ensure that you meet them
  • Temperature checks are mandatory for all passengers arriving in Russia
  • All travellers arriving in the country must have a negative COVID-19 certificate. Take the test within 72 hours within departing.

Get Your Visa Today

Russia visa is a most important thing which you should take care of before traveling to this beautiful country. If you want to visit the Far East, Kaliningrad, or St Petersburg regions, you will need a valid visa. Apply online for one today.