Tanzania visa

Tanzania is the ideal destination for safari lovers, located in the eastern part of Africa. Most people visit the country because of the beautiful landscape, beaches, national parks, and natural attractions. However, before visiting, you will need a Tanzania Visa. 

Continue reading to know how to apply for Tanzania Visa 


Type of requirement Compulsory for UK Citizens
Travel purpose Tourism(holiday), or family visits
Validity Maximum of 30 days
Destination Mainland Tanzania and/ Zanzibar
Procession time Normal- an average of 4 weeks

Urgent- an average of 2 weeks

Cost £79.95 per person online.
Method of application Fully online
Payment method Pay using MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal without transaction costs.

About the Tanzania Visa

The Tanzania e-Visa is a document available electronically in PDF format. The application process is simple and of low cost.

 If you have an Irish or British nationality, you will need a Visa to pass the Tanzania passport check on arrival. Children also need their Visa. However, tourists don’t need to take their passports physically to the embassy because the e-visa transmits digitally. Instead, apply online by filling an application form, on which you fill;

1) Contact information

2) Travel plans 

3) Passport details 

The Tanzania e-visa is only valid on arrival through the following destinations:

  • Julius Nyerere International Airport 
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport 
  • Mwanza International Airport
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport 
  • Border crossing Namanga – at Kenia
  • Border crossing Tunduma – at Zambia

After arriving at any of the above locations, you can freely travel from mainland Tanzania to the island of Zanzibar and back by boat or air.

Types Of Tanzania Visas

  1. Ordinary/Tourist 

Any Tanzanian mission abroad can issue a Visa. If you are a holder of an ordinary Visa, you can acquire a visitor’s pass at any entry point for a certain period. 

Ordinary Visa classified into two types;

  1. Single entry travel visa – Valid for consecutive three months with effect from the date of issue and a maximum period of stay of ninety days.
  2. Multiple entry travel visa – It gives multiple entries into the country. Valid for either twelve or six months effective from the date of issue. It has a maximum period of stay of 120 days, provided a single visit does not exceed ninety days.  
  1. Gratis Visa

Gratis Visa allows single or multiple entries to a holder of diplomatic services or official passport or travel document of recognised International Organisation on official duties and dependents.

It is also issued to an ordinary passport holder, as directed by the Commissioner of Immigration of Zanzibar.

  1. Transit Visa

The Tanzania government may issue a transit to foreign nationals to transit to another destination out of Tanzania for not more than seven days.

  1. Business Visa

Business Visa is for foreigners who wish to go to Tanzania temporarily for a period not exceeding three months. These activities include;

  • Conducting short training or courses
  • Particular assignment, e.g., installation or maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Professional assignments such as audits or consultancy
  • To conduct legal business trade per the laws of Tanzania. 

Requirements For Tanzania Visa

Generally, the basic requirements for a Tanzanian Visa application are;

  • A scanned passport of six months validity
  • At least an empty page on the passport for the Tanzania Visa stamp
  • A return ticket from Kenya 
  • Accommodation booking 
  • 2 Recent identical, two by two coloured passports, taken recently.

However, you may need an entry visa or onward ticket form of a return ticket or ticket to a different destination.

For a Business Visa, you will need a letter from the company sponsoring you in the UK with company letterhead introducing the applicant. The company should clearly state the purpose for a visit should be clearly stated. All letters must display a UK mailing address.

How Long Does Tanzania Visa Last?

Tanzania e-Visa for British applicants is a single entry authorisation with an allowable maximum stay of thirty days. United Kingdom’s citizens can use the e-Visa for short-term visits for tourism and leisure. The Visa is valid for ninety days from the date issued.

UK nationals who wish to extend their stay in Tanzania are more than welcome to request a visa extension. They should schedule an appointment with the Immigration office in Dar es Salaam before their Visa expires and fill a Visa extension form. Visitors have two extensions, three months apart.

How Long Does It Take to Get Tanzania Visa?

The Immigration service of Tanzania has no guarantees regarding the delivery time of your Visa. The average time for Visa approval is four weeks. However, it is possible to submit an urgent application request, which has an average delivery time of two weeks. 

Even with urgent applications, delivery time is still not guaranteed. Some Visa agencies promise a delivery time of under two weeks, but each visa agency is dependent on the Tanzanian government. 

What Financial Costs Should I Consider? 

The Visa costs £79.95 per person, a total price that includes all consular fees, service costs, and taxes. In addition, you incur a surcharge cost if you need an urgent delivery which costs £17.50 per Visa. However, you can easily, safely, and quickly make payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal without any transaction costs.

Extra Tips

  • Before applying for the Tanzania Visa, you will have to book flights and accommodation. You may also need identification documents, itinerary, work permits, business permits, and invitation letters. Collect these documents as JPG or PDF for easy upload and presentation.
  • For security reasons, the use of a debit card does not work outside Europe. To withdraw money or pay using a debit card in Tanzania, contact your bank to activate the card for use outside Europe. You can personally activate this function using the bank’s mobile app. Some places in Tanzania don’t accept credit cards; therefore, make sure you carry both types of payment.
  • If you become sick or while on holiday, it is handy to have a pharmacy with you, including; disposable gloves, disinfectant, sterile gauze bandages, scissors, and ointment. It is also good to carry insect repellent and insect-bite protectants.
  • Potential visitors who have not travelled to Tanzania and hold a COVID-19 visa grant notice have a three-month visa extension to remain in the country.
  • Visitors whose Visas have expired or are going to expire and cannot leave the country can receive a free one-month extension. They should visit the immigration office to obtain the extension. If the COVID-19 pandemic continues and the one-month extension elapses, they should go back to the immigration offices at Kurasini in Dar es Salaam for further instructions
  • All passengers entering Tanzania will undergo enhanced screening for COVID-19, including a mandatory rapid test. The cost for rapid testing is 17.75 pounds per traveller which must pay in cash on arrival.
  • Tanzania requires all visitors bring a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate upon arrival. Additionally, visitors must take the test within 72 hours before coming to Tanzania.
  • Lastly, all passengers travelling to Tanzania must complete an online Traveller’s Surveillance Form. This should happen 24 hours before arrival.

Get Your Visa Today

Are you planning a trip to Tanzania? You can apply for a Tanzania Visa via this online application form even for your fellow travellers. For more information about visas, visit the Tanzanian immigration website.