Vietnam e-Visa FAQ

Currently, Vietnam is one of the safest destinations to visit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The strict government policies on immigration significantly contribute to this success.

At the moment, Vietnam is not issuing any visas on arrival. All visitors above the age of two must present a printed copy of the negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test result. Furthermore, the test should be less than 72 hours before departure.

The visitors should also complete and submit a health declaration form before arrival. They must also take a COVID-19 test and self-quarantine when they arrive.

General Questions

What Is an e-Visa for Vietnam?

A Vietnam e-visa allows a single entry into Vietnam and has a validity term of 30 days. The application is online, and you receive the visa via email. 

Do I Need a Visa for My Trip to Vietnam?

Yes, all international visitors from eligible countries entering Vietnam require a visa.

What Visa Type Do I Need for My Visit to Vietnam?

If you plan to stay in Vietnam for 30 days or less, you should acquire an e-Visa. However, if you’ll last longer than 30 days, you should visit the embassy to get a passport-sticker visa.

What Is the Validity Term of the Vietnam Visa?

The Vietnam visa has a validity period of 30 days, starting from the arrival date you indicate on the application date, regardless of the date you actually arrive. 

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for the E-visa?

If you qualify for the Vietnam e-Visa, you’ll need:

  • A valid passport with at least six months to expiry from your arrival date and two or more blank pages
  • A passport-size photo and a scanned photo
  • Scanned copy of your passport’s data page
  • Visa fees

At Which Ports of Entry to Vietnam Can I Use My e-Visa?

You can enter Vietnam using the e-Visa on any of these ports:

Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong Cam Ranh Airport in Khanh Hoa Can Tho International Airport
Da Nang International Airport Noi Bai Int Airport in Hano Phu Bai Airport
Bo Y  Cha Lo  Cau Treo 
Huu Nghi  Ha Tien  Lao Bao 
Lao Cai  La Lay  Moc Bai 
Mong Cai  Nam Can  Na Meo 
Song Tien  Tinh Bien  Tay Trang 
Chan May  Da Nang  Duong Dong 
Hon Gai  Hai Phong  Nha Trang 
Quy Nhon  Ho Chi Minh City  Vung Tau 

How Will the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Affect My Visit to Vietnam?

Vietnam currently has strict COVID-19 measures for all international visitors. You can expect to take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test and self-quarantine for about three days. Before travelling, ensure you have the updated information. 

Questions about the Application

How Long Will It Take for My Visa to Get Processed?

Once you submit your application, the e-Visa should arrive in three working days, but it can delay. It’s best to apply at least one or two weeks before departure. 

Where Can I Get the Registration Code for My e-Visa to Vietnam?

Once you complete the application form and verify your details, you’ll get a registration code at this point. It’s essential to note that the registration code will not come via email.

Please ensure you take a screenshot of the code and save it on your device. It will help you check your visa status and download the visa letter. 

Can I Extend My Stay in Vietnam Longer Than Allowed by My e-Visa?

Yes, it’s possible to have a Vietnamese resident, company, or agency guarantee your stay. They can submit a new visa application or an extension request on your behalf to the Vietnam Immigration Department.

I Have My Visa. Are There Any Additional Steps?

Yes, it’s best to confirm that the information matches your passport, and then print at least two copies. You’ll need to present a copy when entering and another when exiting. 

Are Group Applications Required?

No, you don’t have to submit a group visa application, but it saves you from repeating the exact details on every application. Each person in the group should have a valid visa.

How Will I Present My Passport Photo and Passport Scan?

After completing the payment, an upload page will pop up, where you’ll upload the two documents. You can use the upload tool on the page to adjust or crop the images. 

What Requirements Should the Passport Photo and Scan Meet?

The passport scan should include the complete information page, and the text should be legible. The photo should be clear, colour, and in a well-lit background. Ensure there’s no hair covering your face, and avoid laughing or having non-religious headgear. 

The photo doesn’t have to be professional if it meets the above requirements. 

What Does the Visa for Vietnam Cost?

The Vietnam visa costs EUR 99 per person, without additional consular costs, application costs, VAT, or exchange rate surcharges. You also don’t have to pay any stamping fees as required for the visa on arrival.

What Are the Payment Methods for My Vietnam Visa?

You can pay the visa fees via American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.

When Should I Expect My Visa?

In general, you should receive an email with your visa within seven working days of submitting your application. For urgent cases, the visa should come within two to three working days, but there are no guarantees on these timelines. 

Should I Plan to Visit the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam for My Visa?

No, you only need to do so if you plan to stay more than 30 days or fail to meet the requirements of the e-Visa. This also applies to visitors from countries not eligible for the visa.

Should I Book a Flight or Hotel Before Applying for the Visa?

Yes, you should know which port of entry you’ll use to enter and exit Vietnam and where you’ll spend your first night. The flight booking is not mandatory. 

I Am Not Sure About My Exact Arrival Date; Will That Be an Issue?

Although the application form requires you to specify when the 30-day validity term begins, you can adjust your arrival date as long as it’s within this period. 

I’m Not Sure Which Point of Entry I’ll Use. Can I Still Get My e-Visa?

No, the visa application form requires you to specify the port of entry, which then shows on the visa letter. You can only use the port specified on the visa, so you need to apply afresh if you change it. 

If you’re unsure or planning to travel by air, you can acquire a visa on arrival.

Questions about the Visa 

Will My Children Require a Visa?

Yes, all children require a valid passport and visa, regardless of age, and the visa fee is the same as for adult applications. 

I Replaced My Passport After Submitting My Application. Do I Need a New Visa?

Yes, your visa directly links to your passport and the passport number on your application. If you get a new pass, you’ll need to submit a new visa application. 

Cancelling or Changing Applications

Can I Adjust My Arrival Date?

Yes, as long as the new date is within the 30-day validity period on your visa. You can change the arrival date, but the date when the validity starts is unchangeable. 

I Made Some Errors in the Application Form; What Can I Do?

Once the application gets processed, it’s impossible to change the details. Before processing, there’s a chance you can make changes, but if not, you’ll need a new application.

Can I Cancel My Application?

In most cases, it’s impossible to change or cancel your application after processing.