Vietnam E-Visa Requirements

Vietnam has remarkable scenery, including mountains and green fields. If you love hiking and other outdoor games, then Vietnam is the place to be. The country has many tourists, most of them from Asian countries. 

One of the hidden gems in Southeast Asia is Vietnam. The country shares borders with Cambodia and Laos, and it is a distance from China thanks to the South China Sea. The scenery is breathtaking, including mountains and green fields. If you love hiking and other outdoor games, then Vietnam is the place to be. However, as you make plans of visiting Vietnam, a valid visa is mandatory. 

As with any international travel, all travellers must have a valid e-visa. The electronic visa (E-Visa) is an online process issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam Officer. Anyone travelling to Vietnam must have an E-Visa before embarking on their trip. 

In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about the Vietnam e-visa processing and what you need to do to qualify for one.

The Vietnam E-Visa

Vietnam E-Visa is an internet visa that enables you to visit Vietnam for a period not exceeding 30 days since 2017. You can use the Vietnam e-visa for numerous activities, including media reporting, friends visit, funding purposes, employments, and more. 

The Process of Acquiring the Vietnam Visa

While applying, you must fill in the current Vietnam visa form from the internet that highlights your personal information, including why you are travelling to Vietnam. 

Follow the below steps keenly, and apply for your Vietnam visa successfully.

  1. On the internet and look for the portal of Vietnam immigration
  2. Bind your passport and a high-quality passport image
  3. Fill in all the necessary information in the visa application form, including your full name, age, citizenship, and more.
  4. Examine the application form keenly
  5. Pay a fee of $ 25 Vietnam Visa fee using a credit or a debit card
  6. Patiently wait for your visa processing which takes around three days

Upon receiving your Visa, download it and get a print of two copies, and you can access Vietnam. Ensure that you print and show your visa to the immigration officers upon entering Vietnam. Note that if you are travelling with a minor below 14 years, it is vital to involve their name on your passport.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

This is the visa that you pick at the Vietnam global airports, including Ha Noi Capital, Da Nang City, or Ho Chi Minh City. However, you must fill out the necessary passport form in your Vietnam Visa form. It is one of the straightforward ways of getting to Vietnam for business or tourism purposes. 

The entire process is efficient, and you won’t attach your passport or other vital documents in the application form. Therefore, if you plan to visit Vietnam, opt for the Vietnam Visa on arrival. It only takes a few minutes to get the airport’s visa stamp. 

However, note that the department of immigration in Vietnam always receives an enormous visa-on-arrival year, and the number of applications is rapidly increasing, which can cause delays.

Circumstances That Lead To the Warranty of E-Visa

If you want to obtain the Vietnam e-visa, there are certain conditions that you must meet, including:

  1. If you are an alien of Vietnam
  2. If your passport is justifiable
  3. If you have no suspensions to enter Vietnam

Critical Documents of the E-Visa

For you to access the Vietnam internet visa form, you must accompany the primary documents, including:

  1. A valid passport of six months or more from your arrival date in Vietnam
  2. An outstanding passport image
  3. A note showing the directions of where you are planning to go in Vietnam
  4. An active debit or credit card that allows you to pay the set application fee
  5. Your recent and up to date email address

Upon the approval of your Vietnam E-visa, you can have access to the country without further challenges.

Vietnam Visa from the Embassy

You might want to have a visa with stamps on the passport before travelling to Vietnam, and avoid airport queues all together. Meaning, you can get a Vietnam visa from your country’s Vietnam embassy. As a result, you will get to your destination faster.

The Validity Term of Your Vietnam Visa

While planning your next trip to Vietnam, your stay must fall under the validity term of 30 days. You must also indicate where you will reside while filling out your applications.

Current Updates of the Visa Policy amidst the Pandemic

Since March 2020 to date, Vietnam is not allowing access to the country for external nationals. However, a foreign diplomat on official duty can still access Vietnam. But, you will stay in quarantine for up to 21 days upon arriving in Vietnam. 

If you are in the country, you must communicate your non-permanent residence notice to the relevant authorities in Vietnam. If you have undergone the set quarantine period, have negative results, and opt to stay in Vietnam for more days, you must avail your certification documents by the time you leave the country.

Commentating Notes on the Vietnam Visa

  1. Vietnam e-visa is for tourism purposes only and is valid for a month in one entry.
  2. If you have errors in your application, you will not receive your Vietnam e-visa refund, so be keen while filling out your application.
  3. Upon the approval of your Vietnam e-visa, you can’t tamper with it. If you change your port of entry, you will have to apply for a new Visa.
  4. Vietnam doesn’t allow group application. So, every application must have one applicant.
  5. If you don’t qualify for a Vietnam e-visa, then consider having Visa on arrival.
  6. You can increase your E-Visa only when you are in Vietnam.

Possible Areas of Concern for Vietnam E-Visa

  1. Your Vietnam e-visa is active at 33 entry ports. However, you should determine the port closest to your final destination and use that.
  1. It only takes approximately three days for the Immigration Department of Vietnam to take action on your e-visa. However, it may take longer because of the bulk application forms. While waiting, you can commence your Vietnam e-visa application process a week earlier before leaving your country.
  1. Soon after completing the form, you can easily verify your essential information. In that step, a registration code will pop in. Take note that the code will not appear on the email. So, take a screenshot of your registration or write it somewhere since it is crucial. If you lose it, you can’t determine your visa status or even download your Vietnam visa letter. In such a situation, you must write your name in full exactly how it appears in the ICAO passport datasheet.
  1. Note that the Vietnam e-visa validity begins upon the approval of your e-visa report. You can visit Vietnam only during the validity dates. The Vietnam e-visa is an electronic document. If you don’t know how to apply for the Vietnam e-visa, seek assistance from an expert and obtain the Vietnam E-visa.
  1. When making your online application for an e-visa, you must complete the entire fields marked with a red asterisk and ignore the other areas.