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Zambia, located in South-Central Africa, is a landlocked African country. It is one of the few countries considered the most beautiful, distinct, and friendly in Africa. 

Zambia is rich in water sources. It has many rivers and lakes, with Lake Tanganyika being the longest worldwide.

Zambia boasts diverse wildlife in the national parks, game reserves, and safari areas. The Victoria Falls and Livingstone Museum are some of the best sites you cannot afford to miss. 

Read on to know how to apply for the Zambia Visa.


Requirement type Mandatory for foreign national
Purpose of travel Tourism, business, or transit
Validity period It depends on the type of visa.
Entry or exit Single entry or multiple entries
Processing time Standard process; six business days 

Rush process; two business days

Cost It depends on the type of visa

A single-entry visa is 42 Euros

Method of application Online or by post
Method of payment Credit card, debit card, or cash

About Zambia Visa

The Zambia government introduced the e-visa system in 2014 as an electronic document that you apply for on the Immigration website. The e-visa system helps you avoid the long queues for the visa on arrival. 

The Zambia e-visa is a mandatory requirement for all travellers coming to Zambia. An applicant must fill in an online visa application form with personal information. The information on the form must match those on the currently valid passport. After the application, applicants must then attach other supporting documents and then submit the application. Once approved, the applicant receives an email of the approval.

Foreigners who wish to stay in Zambia for more time than the allowed periods for reasons such as work can do so. But they should contact the Embassy of Zambia for more information.

Note: You can only use an e-visa at the following airports:

  • Harry Nkumbula International Airport
  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
  • Simon Mwansa International Airport

Types of Zambia Visas

There are eight types of visas available for travellers from the United Kingdom:

  1. The Tourist Visa – It is a visa issued to foreigners visiting Zambia for leisure or tourism purposes.
  2. The visitor’s visa – A visitors’ visa permits an applicant to meet with their family or friends living in Zambia.
  3. The Regular visa – The e-visa system is unavailable for multiple entries visas. A regular visa so allows an applicant to apply for either a single-entry or many entries visa. The applicant must go to the consulate of Zambia to get the visa.
  4. The Business Visa – Immigration issues a business visa to people visiting Zambia for business reasons
  5. Transit visa – Foreign travellers passing through the borders of Zambia must have a transit visa.
  6. The Day Tripper Visa – A tourist who wants to visit Zambia for less than twenty-four hours can get a day-tripper visa. They can get it at the point of entry. With this visa, the tourist must exit through the same point of entry.

You can only get a day-tripper visa at the Kazungula and Victoria Falls border crossings.

  1. The Gratis Visa – It is a type of visa only given to members of the diplomatic community.
  2. The KAZA Universal visa – The KAZA visa allows a visitor to commute between Zimbabwe and Zambia unlimited times. It gives an extra opportunity to embark on a trip to Botswana. You can get this visa at Livingstone and Lusaka airports. You can also find it in Livingstone land border and Kazungula, which is on the Botswana border.

Requirements For Zambia Visa

The general requirements for a Zambia visa are;

  • A scanned copy of a passport valid for six months
  • At least one blank page
  • A scanned passport’s information page 
  • A recent digital passport photo
  • Proof of accommodation booking.

An applicant may or may not have to attach a travel itinerary. Additionally, different types of visas may require other supporting documents as follows;

  • A visitor may need an invitation letter from the host. The letter should show the purpose and length of stay.
  • A transit visa is valid for seven days, while the KAZA visa is valid for thirty days. A day-tripper visa is valid for less than twenty-four hours.
  • An applicant will need a cover letter from the sponsor or employer in Zambia for a business visa.
  • A regular visa may need an applicant to go for an interview at the consulate or embassy. Thus, before you submit your visa application, confirm all the details and documentation.
  • For a gratis visa, you must have a certified letter from the government and (or) a diplomatic passport.

Who Needs a Zambia Visa?

All travellers from the UK to Zambia need a visa. Children under sixteen years do not need a Zambia visa to enter the country except for UK nationals.

How Long Does the Zambia Visa Last? 

The Zambia tourist and visitor’s visa is valid for twelve months (365 days) with at most ninety days per visit. A business visas’ validity period is twelve months, with at most thirty days per visit.

How Long Can It Take to Get a Zambia Visa? 

The standard time of processing a Zambia e-visa is at most six days. Urgent visa applications may take at least two days to process. Once approved, the applicant receives an email of the approval letter.

How Much Does the Zambia Visa Cost? 

Both the single-entry visa and the KAZA visa are 42 Euros. The multiple entries visa is 126 Euros. 

A gratis visa is free of charge.

Urgent applications will have extra costs. Confirm with your travel agency, or you can get more information on the rates at

Extra Tips

  • All passengers arriving in Zambia must have a negative COVID-19 Certificate. They are to take a PCR test within three days (72 hours) of departure. The test is mandatory for all passengers above five years.
  • There is a health screening for all arriving passengers. Those showing signs and symptoms of coronavirus must isolate themselves for fourteen days. Passengers having a valid COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate will not quarantine.
  • Have a Yellow Fever certificate if you travel from countries with a high risk of transmission. 
  • Visitors transiting through South Africa might need extra blank pages on the passport. They need to make references to their country information pages. 
  • Travellers should not drive off to areas near borders with Angola and DRC. There is a risk of the undetected land mines and ordnance that have not exploded. If need be, then they should have satellite phones and drive in convoys.
  • All incoming flights issues travel health questionnaires to passengers to fill in. Complete the form in English.
  • In Zambia, possessing 0.5 grams of illicit substance amounts to drug trafficking. Some over-the-counter medications have components that are on the control list of Zambia. If you travel with such medicines, carry them in their original packages. It is essential to have the prescription of the doctor too.
  • Before travelling, ensure your health insurance coverage provides coverage in Zambia. If not, you will then have to pay for medication and treatment in cash.
  • Zambia acknowledges dual citizenship. But to avoid delaying, use one passport to enter and exit the country.
  • You can use UK Emergency Travel Documents to enter, transit (airside), and exit the country. If the holder is not a resident returning home, then their ETDs must have a validity period of six months.
  • You can carry pets to Zambia. But must they have a certificate of good health from a veterinary doctor of the country of origin.

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