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Your best once-in-a-lifetime travel experience often begins with a visa, and after a long spell of pandemic-related travel restrictions, the world is finally reopening. At this time (June 2021), 25 countries have entirely lifted their travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while 138 countries are partially open. 

Only 67 countries maintain closed borders, but they are likely to ease restrictions as the world adjusts to a new normal. You can learn about your visa options from all the major holiday destinations in the world. All our online visa applications take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete, so start planning your holiday today. 

Top Global Holiday Destinations for Holidays Today

UK holidaymakers are popular for their wide range of destination choices around the world. The top holiday destinations for UK travellers include Cuba, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Vietnam, Australia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Egypt, and New Zealand. Here is an overview of each of these destinations and their electronic visa process. 

  • Cuba Visa

The Cuba visa or Cuba tourist card costs £17, takes one working week to process, and is valid for 30 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • Sri Lanka Visa

The Sri Lanka visa or Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) costs £44.95, takes up to 3 working days to process, and is valid for 30 days from arrival. Read more.  

  • Kenya Visa

The Kenya visa or Kenya e-visa costs £74.95, takes about 8 working days to process, and is valid for 30 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • Vietnam Visa

The Vietnam visa or Vietnam e-visa costs £49.95, takes about one week to process, and is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Read more. 

  • Australia Visa

The Australia visa or eVisitor visa costs £14.95, takes 5 working days to process, and is valid for 3 months from arrival. Read more. 

  • Bahrain Visa

The Bahrain visa or Bahrain eVisa costs US$114, takes 7 business days to process, and is valid for 14 to 90 days from arrival, depending on your itinerary. Read more. 

  • Azerbaijan Visa

The Azerbaijan visa or ASAN visa costs US$45, takes 3 business days to process, and is valid for 30 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • Cambodia Visa

The Cambodia visa or tourist eVisa costs £59.95, takes 1 week to process, and is valid for 30 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • Myanmar Visa

The Myanmar visa or e-visa costs £74.95, takes 1 week to process, and is valid for 28 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • Egypt Visa 

The Egypt visa or eVisa costs £44.95, takes 7 working days to process and is valid for 60 days from arrival. Read more. 

  • New Zealand Visa 

The New Zealand visa or NZeTA costs £49.95, takes up to 72 hours to process, and is valid for 6 months from arrival. Read more. 

What Is an Electronic Visa? 

An electronic visa is a PDF document that authorizes a traveller to enter their destination country. It is the document a traveller receives via email and prints out before travel. An electronic visa goes by various names, such as;

  • E-visa
  • Visitor eVisa
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) or, in the case of New Zealand, the NZeTA. 

You can only apply for, and receive an electronic visa online, quite a time saver compared to the cost of visiting an embassy for a traditional visa. In most cases, the printed, electronic visa is enough to allow passage. However, in some destinations, a sticker visa appended to your passport upon arrival replaces the electronic visa. 

What Type of Visa Do I Need? 

The most common reasons for applying for a visa include: 

  • Tourism or holidays
  • Transiting on long flights 
  • Visiting your family or friends
  • Studying at a higher education institution
  • Job searching abroad
  • Joining a spouse or partner 
  • Attending a business conference or workshop 
  • Seeking specialized medical treatment 
  • Scientific research participation
  • Starting your own business or investing in opportunities

Most travellers need a visitor or tourist visa for their holidays abroad which are available electronically. Transit and medical visas may also be available as electronic visas and business visas for attending meetings and conducting investment research. 

If you’d like to travel for employment, study, volunteer, religious or political purposes, you will require a traditional embassy visa. Your type of visa also depends on your nationality as some destinations allow for visas on arrival and visa-free travel. Check with your travel agent and the official embassy website of your destination to see if you qualify for a visa exemption. 

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for A Visa Online? 

For most destinations, you only need to fill in your details exactly as they appear on your passport’s biographical data page and the visa fees. For other destinations, you may need to upload additional documents such as: 

  • A scanned copy of your passport 
  • A passport-size photograph 
  • Proof of finances, such as your bank statement
  • Your travel tickets for arrival, transit and return 
  • Proof of accommodation, such as the address of your relatives or friends you plan to visit, or the name and address of your hotel
  • Proof of health insurance cover

Check the visa application page for your desired destination for more details. 

How To Apply for Your Visa Online 

Your online visa application is quick and easy to do. First, fill out the online application form, which requires your full name and contact information. Some destinations require you to answer your health and security background questions, such as any communicable diseases or criminal convictions. You should answer all questions accurately and truthfully to avoid visa rejections. 

Next, pay for your visa fees using a credit or debit card such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express, or PayPal. Your online payment is secure during your visa application; meaning the system does not capture or share any of your personal information. 

Finally, you will receive a message via email and SMS confirming receipt of your application. Once approved, you will get a notification to check your electronic visa by email. Always print at least 2 copies of your electronic visa and keep them safely with you as you travel. 

What Do I Do If My Electronic Visa Application Is Denied? 

In most cases, electronic visas approvals happen within the recommended processing time. However, your application may not go through if you entered inaccurate information on your application form. All online visa application forms allow you to confirm your details before making the visa fee payment, so take your time and verify your information right down to the spellings of your names. 

If you realize a mistake after completing your application, you can contact your electronic visa platform and ask for changes as soon as possible. If your information is correct and your electronic visa still doesn’t go through, it might be due to your nationality or purpose of travel. In this case, your best option is to apply for a traditional embassy visa. 

Apply For Your Electronic Visa Today 

Whether you want to go on a family holiday abroad, enjoy your honeymoon in an exotic destination, or looking to improve your career with specialized short courses, you can start planning your journey right now. Choose your destination such as Cuba, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Vietnam, Australia, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Egypt and New Zealand. Learn all about your electronic visa process and travel tips for visiting these countries, and much more today.